The Ryzen 8000 desktop under the Zen 5 architecture would be codenamed Granite Ridge

The Ryzen 8000 APUs are said to be codenamed Strix Point.

AMD has gradually downgraded its Zen 3 architecture through its various processor lines (Ryzen 5000 office, APU, EPYC Milan…) during the previous months. The company remains quite discreet for the moment on its plans for the future, which we have nevertheless discovered thanks to several leaks. The indiscretion of the day projects us in a few years, in the era of chips under the Zen 5 architecture, in other words the Ryzen 8000. The slide above mentions this designation as well as two code names, Granite Ridge and Strix Point. ; the first would designate the Ryzen 8000 office lacking an integrated graphics solution, the latter has an APU.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been talking about the Ryzen 8000 – about a month ago, we learned that AMD may adopt a big.LITTLE design for this lineup, like what Intel will soon be offering with its twelfth generation. from Core, Lake Alder.

AMD AM5 socket: LGA-1718 and DDR5, but not PCIe 5.0?

Zen 5: APU EPYC Turin, Ryzen 8000 Granite Ridge and Ryzen 8000 Strix Point

To put it in perspective, the Ryzen 8000 office It would benefit, as mentioned above, from the Zen 5 processor cores, synonymous with 3nm engraving. In the current state of our knowledge, we assume that they will succeed the Ryzen under the Zen 4 architecture registered at 5nm codenamed Raphael, themselves succeeding the current Ryzen 5000 Vermeer (the hypothesis of a Zen 3+ generation at 6 nm Without However, the interposition between the two is not excluded). On the APU side, the Rembrandts or Pheonixes must transmit Cézanne’s APUs; Then came Strix Point. Finally, for server processors, after EPYC 7004 Genoa processors, it would be EPYC 7005 Turin. As for the Threadripper, we are still waiting for those on the Zen 3 architecture.

Scope / Architecture 7 nm Zen2 7 nm Zen3 6 nm Zen3 + Zen4 5 nm 3 nm Zen5
EPYC Rome Milan Genoa Turin
Ryzen HEDT Castle peak Chagall Determined Determined Determined
Ryzen processor Matisse Vermeer Warhol Raphael Granite Ridge
Ryzen APU Renoir / Lucienne Cezanne / Barceló Rembrandt Phoenix Strix point

Looking at the timeline, there is a general consensus that Zen 4 processors won’t hit the market until next year. So don’t wait for the Ryzen 8000 until 2023.

Source: Tom’s Hardware USA

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