Neath Port Talbot Council Planning Inquiries Week ending May 24

Presented by Neath Port Talbot Council

The list below is taken from the Neath Port Talbot Council website on Tuesday 25 May and contains the planning requests recorded the previous week.

Various planning requests have been submitted to Neath Port Talbot Council,

The list of applications received can be found below.

  • Proposal Maintain existing engineering and support work as well as proposed and hard vehicular accesses to form a new parking area. 241 Swansea Road, Trebanos, Pontardawe, Swansea, Neath Port Talbot.
  • Proposal One-storey side extension proposed for the Bungalow Location 83 Delffordd Rhos Pontardawe.
  • Proposal Single-storey rear extension and two new windows on the ground floor in the side elevation of the main dwelling house. 108 Shelone Road, Briton Ferry, Neath.
  • Proposal Single-storey rear extension. The work includes the demolition of an existing veranda. 10 Ashwood Drive Gellinudd, Pontardawe, Swansea.
  • Proposal Side extension and rear extension available on two floors. The work includes the demolition of an existing veranda. 42 Leyshon Road, Gwaun Cae Gurwen, Ammanford.
  • Proposal Change of use of the old public hotel (class A3) into 3 commercial units (class A1) on the ground floor with 2 no one-bedroom apartments on the first and second floors. 30 Orchard Street, Neath.
  • Proposal Non-material modifications to the building permit ref. P2019 / 0138 approved 03/14/2019 – one storey side / rear extension – reduce the length of the rear extension part and replace the folding doors with a window. 82 Village of Windsor Aberavon Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Change of use of the ground floor store (A3) to create three self-contained apartments with a two-storey rear extension and an auxiliary car park, 17 Wern Road, Ystalyfera, Swansea.
  • Proposal One-storey rear extension and side extension on the first floor. The work includes the demolition of an existing veranda and the partial conversion of an existing attached garage. An additional bedroom created on the first floor above the current garage. 2 Dol Werdd Waunceirch Neath.
  • Proposal Completion and maintenance of a new garden outbuilding. 25 St Davids Park, Margam Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Modification of Condition 2 of Planning Request P2020 / 0912 (approved 10/12/2020) to modify the perimeter wall as approved to a full masonry wall. 161 Bryncoch Neath Main Road.
  • Proposal Construction of new toilets and toilets for the disabled for nursery / reception classrooms. Tonna Elementary School, School Road, Tonna.
  • Details of the proposal in accordance with conditions 4 (demolition and construction environmental management plan), 5 (construction noise and vibration management plan) and 10 (waste management plan) of planning request P2020 / 0992 granted on 03/03/2021. Bevin Avenue Sandfields, Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Replacement garage door with a window to facilitate a garage conversion. 16 Ffordd Danygraig, Godre’r Graig, Swansea.
  • Proposal Removal of the existing rear veranda and construction of the second part, part of the one-story rear extension. 38 Penscynnor Park, Cilfrew, Neath.
  • Proposal One-storey rear extension, two-storey side extension, Juliet balcony and vehicle parking space in the front curtilage. 5 Crawford Road Baglan Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Non-material modification of the planning permit P2018 / 0577 – Modifications and conversion of the existing garage into a dwelling, including the replacement parking, as well as the rear extension of a floor with the raised terrace and the balcony, plus the one storey side extension Approved 24.8.18 – Changes to the shed on the side of the property including removal of the front elevation, downsizing, removal of overhead lights, changes to doors and windows. 41 Lon Y Wern, Alltwen, Pontardawe.

  • Proposal Two-storey rear extension and rear extension of the ground floor. Location 2 Oakfield Cottages, Ty Llwyd, Bryncoch Neath, Neath Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Two-storey rear extension, porch and roof to skylights at the front elevation, window at the side elevation, installation of overhead lights and patio doors at the rear and provision of two parking spaces at the front of the building. property. Location 261A Swansea Road, Trebanos, Pontardawe.
  • Proposal Side extension of the first floor, rear extension on one level Location 59 Afandale, Sandfields, Port Talbot.
  • Details of the proposal to be agreed in conjunction with part of condition 15 (verification for plots 19-27 only) of application P2018 / 0746 granted on March 29, 2019. Location Land at Newydd Briton Ferry Neath Park.
  • Proposal Details Pursuant to Conditions 3 Release (Notice of Beginning of Development) of Building Permit P2019 / 5304 granted 02/03/2021 Location Land adjacent to CSN Precision Engineering Neath Abbey, Road Neath.
  • Proposal Proposed change of use from gas station to gas station and car wash. Location Gasoline filling station, Western Avenue, Sandfields, Port Talbot, Neath Port Talbot.
  • Details of proposal to be agreed in conjunction with Condition 4 (Service Yard Management Plan) of P2018 / 0765 granted 7/16/19 Water Street, Neath.
  • Proposal Preservation of the commercial premises on the ground floor and creation of 8 non-autonomous apartments on the ground floor and on the first floor. 46 Wind Street Neath.
  • Proposal Detached two-storey dormer dwelling with partially built-in basement plus parking and related works, Location Land Adj. 1 Ffordd Dinas Cwmavon Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Request for non-material modification for the wording change of condition 2 (schedule of approved plans) of consent to town planning P2020 / 0486 including 1) plan of the ground floor of the recreation center: minor reconfiguration of the layout of the change area 2) ground floor plan of recreation and shops to match above and minor reconfiguration to unit 7 3) first floor plan of the recreation center: minor reconfiguration of the layout of the gymnasium 4) first floor plan of shops and recreation: minor reconfiguration of unit 7 5) roof plan of shops and leisures: reconfiguration of the roof layout to accommodate the SW drainage in accordance with the SAB Approval 6) North and East Elevations of Business and Recreation: Elevations updated to reflect change in roof layout and addition of building operating features ie. 21 and vented doors on east elevation 7) Southwest and West elevations of Retail and Recreation: elevations updated to reflect change in roof layout 8) Southeast elevation of Retail and Recreation: Elevations updated to reflect change in roof layout 9) Recreation center sections A and B: updated to reflect changes to floor plans 10) Recreation center section C: updated to reflect changes to floor plans 11) recreation center: a) layout of the interior room on the ground floor between reception and entrance to the changing rooms and rearrangement of the stairs b) screen of the curtain wall of the ‘main entrance refinement, 1 no pairs of doors omitted in accordance with building control c) material notes updated d) colors confirmed in material notes in agreement with NPTCBC customer team e) layout and content of the suite health defined f) Architectural masonry from the ground floor to refined front and side elevations as described. g) reduced height roof screen h) skylight configuration above pool changed to reflect environmental condition calculations h) modified straight roof area finish to standard roof sheet and finish i) panel build-up rear elevation upholstery confirmed. 12) Unit 7: Streamlined Main Entrance Screen & Door Location, Streamlined Stair Window, Rear Elevation Cladding Confirmed Land Location at Water Street, Neath.
  • Details of the proposal to be agreed in conjunction with condition 6 (external materials) of building permit P2020 / 0730 granted on 08/10/20. Location Land adjacent to Min Y Gors Heol Y Graig Cwmavon, Port Talbot.
  • Proposal Prior notification for the construction of an extension of the existing agricultural barn for the storage of fodder and machinery. Location Ferme Cefn Saeson Fach Cefn Saeson Fach Access route From the B4287 Cimla Neath Neath Port Talbot.

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