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Diane dunham

Haven’t planted your hot vegetables yet? So you and I are the lucky ones!

This cold weather we had was not good for tender, warm plants like tomatoes and peppers. Plants that have been installed may need an additional week or two of good weather to recover. If they were frosty and look black, they’re dead – start over. Basil is very sensitive to cold and does not tolerate frost. Potato plants and sweet corn generally recover well even if they are suffocated by frost.

While you may have hopefully been able to cover your plants with some type of protection on past cold nights, they may still have been stressed and not recovering. If there is no improvement compared to this hot stretch on hold, stop waiting and start over… Our summer is too short!

New gardeners are particularly wondering if they need to fertilize or add soil amendments. Good soil in the garden is what fresh flour is to the baker – oh wait, it’s me! Both!

The best soil texture is described as loamy soil. It contains equal parts of sand, silt and clay. A soil with more sand would be called a sandy loam. Sandy soils drain faster than more clayey soils. Why? The sand particles are large and the clay particles tiny in comparison. Water moves more slowly through the tiny clay particles and can lead to poor drainage for plants. You might be thinking, “Great, I’m going to have to water less often! “

Personally, having done large-scale (acres) gardening in both soils, I would take sandy soil over clay any day. Clay soil can also be difficult to plow as it tends to stay in large chunks that are difficult to break up. If you can get clay soil to be planted, it is also very difficult to cultivate by hand. It’s like trying to crash in a field of golf balls.

If your garden is already planted, you can always add several inches of humus (finished compost) to the vegetable patch with the intention of plowing or digging in the fall. Compost works great as a mulch material around the base of your vegetable plants to keep moisture in and help remove soil spatters on the plants. Gardening using straw mulch is very beneficial and when it breaks down after the season, it can also be plowed or dug and will help enrich the soil.

Mulch should not be applied around the base of the plants until the soil has really warmed up around mid-June. Straw mulch, for example, will also work as an insulation. If placed while the ground is still cold, it will help keep the ground cold – not what we want!

But what about the fertilizer? Once per season, you can dig in a dry-release fertilizer before planting, or dress the plants after planting. Liquid fertilizers can be applied several times a year if necessary. But how do we know? You can always have the soil tested to be sure. Another indicator is: are the plants growing as described, are the tomatoes 12 ounces in size as the label says, are the plants healthy and green or yellow and unkempt? More is not better when it comes to fertilizer.

A key indicator of too much fertilizer is “all plants and no fruit”. Lawn fertilizer and garden fertilizer are two different things! Use the right product in the right place. There are also many organic fertilizers to use, but the effect is not as immediate as synthetic compounds.

Visit us at the Mankato Farmer’s Market located in the Best Buy parking lot on Adams Street from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays and from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Follow my Facebook business page at Market Bakery. To respect everyone’s health and ensure that the market can remain open, please stay at home if you are ill, send a healthy family member to do your shopping, wash your hands often (terminals will be available). set up), no eating and shopping on site with your eyes – the vendors will take care of the items.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Architecture Making Sustainable Leaders https://whimblegardens.co.uk/masters-degree-programs-in-architecture-making-sustainable-leaders/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/masters-degree-programs-in-architecture-making-sustainable-leaders/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 08:48:17 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/masters-degree-programs-in-architecture-making-sustainable-leaders/

Architects are faced with an enigma. The built environment is responsible for much of the energy – it accounts for around 40% of global energy consumption. It emits 30% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions – the manufacture of steel and concrete generates around 8% of the world’s anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions – in addition to generating waste and d ” use natural resources.

Yet they are ready to do more. They are building a future where 68% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, an increase from the current figure which hovers around 50% today. They need to build more houses, roads and other infrastructure. In some countries, entire cities the size of Chicago would have to be built to provide enough housing.

Their task is to reach both without destroying the planet to a point of no return. The solution? Design and build in a greener, fairer and more sustainable way. A Master of Architecture is a prerequisite and these universities offer the best in the United States:

Roger Williams University: School of Architecture

Little Master of Architecture in the United States prepare students for career success as effectively as School of Architecture, Art and Historical Preservation at Roger Williams University. Here, a paid internship or assistantship is guaranteed – for every M.Arch student in this NAAB accredited and designated STEM program. Each semester, the studios are taught by a Teaching office in residence, comprising a group of chief architects from a leading firm in Boston, New York or the Northeastern United States – an initiative unique to the university.

Source: Shutterstock

On campus, students work with Samsung Flat Panel Monitors, coupled with anytime access to the latest versions of software and advanced applications (including AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, among others). Off campus, study abroad possibilities let them travel to Beijing, the frenetic capital of China and its fantastic new sculptural monuments, or to Barcelona with the genius of Gaudi dotted in the Catalan capital.

A RWU educational journey extends far beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. With the Career investment program – until recently, the only program in the United States offering this kind of opportunity for all students – it can accommodate one as an internship at Safdie Architects in Shanghai, Wodiczko + Bonder in Cambridge and HOK in New York. This research and professional experience is not only paid, but, more importantly, convincing.

A location in Bristol, Rhode Island – one of America’s busiest architectural corridors between Boston and New York – allows RWU to provide such dynamic opportunities. As students explore New England’s quintessential city of Bristol, which RWU calls home – with unique shops, restaurants and waterfront galleries, plus miles of bike and Colt State trails. Park nearby – they are close to some of the country’s most enviable career opportunities. They have unprecedented access to hundreds of architectural firms across the region, the doors of which are opened by the Career Investment Program.

University of Florida: School of Architecture

Florida is poised for rapid growth, which will take place in sensitive natural ecologies, fluctuating tourism, a humid and hot climate, and widespread threats from coastal hurricanes, among others. It will address it by becoming host to the third largest population in the United States.

Master of Architecture

Gainesville, Florida, where nature and culture meet, is home to the University of Florida School of Architecture. Source: University of Florida: School of Architecture

The University of Florida School of Architecture is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges. It has, to its advantage, studio design methodologies working with a new generation of experts in engineering, ecology, business, anthropology, energy, fine arts, medicine, and construction.

It is led by a team of faculty members and students, who have won international, national, state and local design awards. They regularly publish and receive national, state and local grants for research-based learning and service design projects.

Registering for a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) here implies benefiting from the above features and more. Students will earn a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), the degrees you need to obtain a registered architect’s license in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Study abroad opportunities in East Asia and Mexico are also available.

Three streams are offered for the first NAAB-accredited professional master’s degree in architecture to cater to those with or without a pre-professional degree, as well as those with an accredited professional degree.

Institute of Architecture of Southern California

Offering undergraduate, graduate and graduate programs, SCI-Arc is strategically housed in the historic Santa Fe Freight Depot located in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Architectural monuments such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Chinatown and the Mayan Theater surround it; on campus, it’s an integrated suite of resources that support academic progress and experimentation.

Master of Architecture

SCI Arc is located in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Source: Institute of Architecture of Southern California – Sci Arc

Here, students are exposed to artists, practitioners, historians, theorists and even movie stars. They are trained not only to be architects, but to push boundaries as designers and problem solvers in general. Following in the footsteps of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci and Pritzker Prize winner Hans Hollein, SCI-Arc graduates are recognized for their interdisciplinarity between the arts and sciences.

SCI-Arc offers two NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture (M.Arch) programs. M.Arch 1 is open to applicants with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in any field of study. You will acquire the intellectual foundations, design expertise and technical skills necessary for the professional practice of architecture.

M.Arch 2 is designed for applicants who have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture or Bachelor of Architecture degree. You will build on previous architectural education using contemporary tools and techniques that will broaden their experience in digital design, conceptualization and manufacturing. Both master’s degrees merge a spirit of open inquiry with an encouragement to respond to changes in society, technology and culture.

University of Texas at Austin: School of Architecture

Students at the University of Texas at the Austin School of Architecture (UTSOA) are uniquely positioned to gain first-hand experience in a growing and rapidly changing built environment. UTSOA is part of one of the world’s leading public research universities with more than 170 fields of study, providing an environment conducive to multidisciplinary learning. Its setting? Austin, Texas, a fast growing American city with a fast growing creative community and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Master of Architecture

UTSOA is located in Austin, Texas, known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Source: University of Texas at Austin: Facebook School of Architecture

As for the programs, they promote intellectual ambition and cultural relevance in architectural production. You can expect an integrated and cohesive design studio model where dialogue, collaboration and risk-taking are encouraged.

Since its founding in 1909, UTSOA has been one of the country’s most distinguished schools of architecture. In the 2016-17 DesignIntelligence survey, it was ranked sixth for its undergraduate architecture program and 12th for its graduate architecture program.

UTSOA offers a Masters in Architecture that meets the professional degree requirements for registration as an architect. It is aimed at two categories of candidates: those who enter either without academic training in architecture, or with a “pre-arch” baccalaureate in four years and who wish to enter the profession of architect. The program includes an optional certificate of specialization in historic preservation, sustainable design, urban design, as well as an optional and transcribable graduate certificate in Latin American architecture.

* Some of the schools featured in this article are Business Partners of Study International

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Mum creates epic ‘Dinoland’ garden for son for just £ 222 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/mum-creates-epic-dinoland-garden-for-son-for-just-222/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/mum-creates-epic-dinoland-garden-for-son-for-just-222/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 08:07:00 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/mum-creates-epic-dinoland-garden-for-son-for-just-222/

A little boy’s dream. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

Many children love dinosaurs, but few can enjoy them in their own backyard.

Kellimarie House managed to bring her son’s dream to life by creating her own Dinoland, and she saved thousands of people by doing it herself.

The 35-year-old woman from Weston-super-Mare, who is an assistant practitioner for the NHS, says her son Bryson has always been completely obsessed with prehistoric creatures.

She started by making a miniature Dinoland for her little boy when he was a toddler.

‘At the time [when Bryson was two], we made a little square for it out of assembled 2×3 lumber, ”Kellimarie told the money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk.

“We painted it and filled it with compost and an upside-down flowerpot painted black. We sanded it down to give it a volcano effect, and I got herbs for 50p each in Asda. I added glass stones which were recycled from my wedding bowls, and we also salvaged wood from the beach and woods.

Dinoland Garden

Kellimarie started by cleaning the patio in his garden. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

Dinoland Garden

Without the terrace there was a lot more space to work. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

“He’s been doing it now that he’s five years old, but I quickly got an idea.”

Luckily, Kellimarie got rid of his garden patio because it had rotted underneath, giving him a 12 × 12 foot space to play.

“So I decided I was going to make him a bigger Dinoland to play in,” she explains.

Part of Kellimarie’s inspiration came from browsing Facebook groups.

“I saw that people had started to hang shower curtains in their gardens for a decorative effect, and I thought they must be selling dinosaur curtains,” she says. “Fortunately, I was able to find some amazing dinosaur shower curtains for just £ 12 each.”

The rest of the supplies were also inexpensive in origin.

Dinoland Garden

Creating floor space was Kellimarie’s most important task. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

Dinoland Garden

Shower curtains provide a dramatic backdrop. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

“I collected a load of stones from Facebook Marketplace for free to use as drainage, and also managed to get sand from Marketplace for just £ 20. The rockery and border stones also came from Facebook, to collect for free, ”says Kellimarie.

“The four dinosaurs in the garden were only £ 16 from Olive and Sage. They were the subject of a “buy two, get one free” agreement. Unfortunately some are now out of stock so I couldn’t buy them all or else I would! They are excellent value for money.

“I bought my two Phoenix palms from B&Q. It was also a fantastic deal, as in most places they are priced over £ 30 each. I got mine in an offer of two for £ 14.

“I created the planters myself by recycling my old terrace. This saved more money as I only had to buy the screws. ‘

Kellimarie and Bryson

Little Bryson is delighted with his mother’s work. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

Dinoland Garden

The garden evolved from this mini square. (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

Dinoland Garden

Now there are dinosaurs everywhere you look! (Photo: Maison Kellimarie)

Kellimarie says the most expensive part was the grass.

“I bought the Orlando variety from Grass Direct and it cost £ 160,” she says. “However, I wasn’t too concerned about this price after speaking with the lady I collected the stones from on Facebook. She said she had received a quote of £ 4000 for the application of her artificial turf! ‘

Creating floor space was Kellimarie’s most important task.

“First I cemented the border stones, then I filled the area with stone and leveled it with sand before laying the grass,” she says.

Now Kellimarie has an exciting outdoor space for his son, with over 15 dinosaurs of varying sizes roaming the area and an even bigger backdrop, thanks to his shower curtains.

The area also includes a collection of rockery, which some of the dinosaurs climb, and an egg chair with blanket and cushions for lounging in the sun.

We met Bryson feels like he’s having his own Jurassic adventure every day.

Do you have a story to share? We want to hear from you.

Contact us: metrolifestyleteam@metro.co.uk.

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TO BE CONTINUED: Your daily horoscope for Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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Bismarck gardeners see noticeable difference after drought https://whimblegardens.co.uk/bismarck-gardeners-see-noticeable-difference-after-drought/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/bismarck-gardeners-see-noticeable-difference-after-drought/#respond Wed, 02 Jun 2021 02:43:25 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/bismarck-gardeners-see-noticeable-difference-after-drought/

The growing season has arrived and we wanted to see how the local gardening groups are doing.

We spoke to a member of the Central North Dakota Daylily Gardening Society to find out.

“I have never lost any plants, and this year I have probably lost 40 daylilies,” said Susan Holland.

The unusual weather this year makes the plants a little different.

“I think they’re all smaller because of the drought. The size of all the plants is a little less than what I’m used to. Many lilies have reached 4 feet, and they are 2 feet tall at this point. There is also a little more growth time, but everything is delayed a bit, ”said Holland.

Holland was a member of Daylily Gardening Society for more than 10 years.

“Oh, it’s a passion. It’s not a job at all. It’s something that I love to do. I became a historian. Interested in horticulture and the history of horticulture, ”said Holland.

She tells us that she has 2,000 impressive plants in her garden.

Do you add new plants every year?

“I try not to do it, but I do,” Holland said.

Holland says she hopes more people will join the group, and it’s important that people are interested in plant life.

“The Earth needs people who care and know what they are looking at. A lot of people don’t know which plant is what. It’s OK, but it’s OK to learn too, ”said Holland.

It’s not as easy as some might think.

“You have to know your soil and what the PH is. You must know the watering conditions. Sunlight and daylight condition the plant. There are a lot of them, ”said Holland.

Holland has worked as a gardening coach for years and says all new gardeners in the area should join the club for tips and tricks.

The Daylily Society is holding an auction on June 8 at the Bismarck Eagles, where you can become a member.

They also plan to start their annual garden tours later this month.

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AIM Architecture was crowned winner of the 2021 AR Future Project Awards | New https://whimblegardens.co.uk/aim-architecture-was-crowned-winner-of-the-2021-ar-future-project-awards-new/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/aim-architecture-was-crowned-winner-of-the-2021-ar-future-project-awards-new/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 23:57:00 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/aim-architecture-was-crowned-winner-of-the-2021-ar-future-project-awards-new/

The winners of The 2021 Architectural Review Future Project Awards have been announced and AIM Architecture has been crowned the Grand Winner for its FX Mayr Wellness Eco Retreat project in Wenzhou, China. The company also won the hospitality and leisure award with the project.

Showcasing projects from around the world, this awards program celebrates excellence in unbuilt and incomplete projects.

A large number of notable companies were awarded in the competition. The Mind Play Award was won by OPEN Architecture for its work on the Sun Tower in Yantai, China, and the Sustainability Award went to Zaha Hadid Architects for her Forest Green Rovers Eco Park stadium in Stroud, UK.

Other winners include Stantec in the Cultural Regeneration category for their work on the Musée du Fleuve in Niamey, Niger; Condition_Lab in the Residential category for their Mutating House project in Hunan province, China; Acton Ostry Architects Inc. in the Office / Office Led Development award for their work on Industrial Long Wood in Vancouver, Canada.

As said in The architecture review press release, “Combined, the winners and all finalists of this year’s AR Future Project Awards present examples of innovative and outstanding architecture that successfully meet the development case and also consider the full impact and contribution that ‘they will have on the communities around them. ”

This year’s jury included Christina Seilern, Roger Zogolovitch, Peter Stewart, Jeremy Melvin and Paul Finch.

The full list of winners is listed below or can be viewed here, along with recommended projects.

2021 winners

Mixed-use commercial – The JellyTower – Social Condenser and Fun Palace, Berlin, Germany by CSMM – architecture matters

Community and civic – Park of Future Generations SAKHA_Z, Yakutsk, Russia by Atrium Architecture

Cultural regeneration – River Museum, Niamey, Niger by Stantec

New and old – British Oil Mill, Mersin, Turkey by ANB Architects + Stüdyo Nüve + Onur Yüncü Architects

Offices / Office led development – Industrial Long Wood, Vancouver, Canada by Acton Ostry Architects Inc.

Regeneration and Masterplanning – Morden Wharf, Greenwich Peninsula, UK by U + I

Residential – Changing house, Hunan province, China by Condition_Lab

Development focused on purchasing and retail – Jingumae Pilgrim’s Passage Gates, Tokyo, Japan by Key Operation Inc./ Architects

Sport & Stadiums and Sustainability AwardForest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium, Stroud, UK by Zaha Hadid Architects

High-rise buildings – Barclay, Vancouver, Canada by ACDF Architecture

Urban infrastructure – Hot Heart, Helsinki, Finland by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

Mind Game Prize – Sun Tower, Yantai, China by OPEN Architecture

Overall winner and Hotels and Leisure FX Mayr Wellness Eco Retreat, Wenzhou, China by AIM Architecture

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Russian River Valley’s Best Wineries and Restaurants https://whimblegardens.co.uk/russian-river-valleys-best-wineries-and-restaurants/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/russian-river-valleys-best-wineries-and-restaurants/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 21:27:20 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/russian-river-valleys-best-wineries-and-restaurants/

With its proximity to the coast and roadside hawkers of dyes, Russian River Valley in West Sonoma County is cooler than neighboring Napa, both in terms of climate and laid back style. Known for its fog-fed vineyards, bountiful farms, and eclectic restaurants, it’s no wonder people have been exploring the towns along the conifer-lined Russian River since the 1870s. The native Pomo called the river Shabakai, meaning “long snake”, before the Russians ever laid eyes on it. It’s always good to bring a towel just in case – there are as many swimming spots as there are places to refuel and cool off afterwards.

The following is a simple sampling of the wineries and restaurants of the Great Russian River Valley, with all kinds of pleasures for the palate: from Old World tapas and star cookie sandwiches to award-winning food truck barbecue. . Pack a sweater and linger on earthy pinot noir or a hopped IPA – or one of the many flavors of artisanal ice cream.

The CDC’s latest guidelines for diners vaccinated during the COVID-19 outbreak are here; eating out always poses risks for guests and unvaccinated workers. Please be aware of changing local rules and check each restaurant’s websites for any additional restrictions such as mask requirements. Find a local vaccination site here.

Read more

To note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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Clint Capela from the Hawks to the Knicks: We pushed you around. What are you going to do about it? https://whimblegardens.co.uk/clint-capela-from-the-hawks-to-the-knicks-we-pushed-you-around-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/clint-capela-from-the-hawks-to-the-knicks-we-pushed-you-around-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 21:21:44 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/clint-capela-from-the-hawks-to-the-knicks-we-pushed-you-around-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it/

With their backs to the walls, the Knicks were already set to take over Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night for Game 5 of the First Round Playoffs against the Atlanta Hawks with all they’ve got.

But if Tom Thibodeau needed a little inspiration for his struggling team, Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela was happy to provide it – a farewell shot delivered before what the Hawks hope will be the final knockout. While the Hawks expect to get the Knicks ‘best effort, Capela said the Knicks’ physical play hasn’t been enough so far – and it won’t be now.

“They’re trying to play hard, to push our guys around, to talk…” Capela said. “But we can do that too. We show them as soon as we get back here. We can also push guys, we can also talk, so what are you going to do about it? And we can get a win with So qu are you going to do about it?

“Oh, Game 4, are you coming back?” Well, it’s going to happen again. Win the game. We’ve been talking and pushing you, so what are you going to do about it? That’s what happened. We can do it, too. We can be physical, but we can also win games. Now we come to your home to win this game again, to send you on vacation. “

The Knicks refused to bite into a war of words, with Julius Randle answering any questions about Capela’s word with “I don’t care” and Derrick Rose, who has been through many post-season wars, simply answering : “I’m 32 years old. I’ve never spoken like that in my life and I’m not going to start now because Clint Capela has started talking crazy. It doesn’t happen to us like that … We tell me old for that. “

But while Capela is sure the Hawks have responded that way and that the Knicks’ tenacity displayed throughout the season is not an issue, RJ Barrett noted, “We’ll see tomorrow.”

The game was physical throughout the series, but by the end of Game 4 in Atlanta, with the outcome no longer in doubt, spirits were set on fire. The Knicks believed Danilo Gallinari delivered a cheap shot to Reggie Bullock, coming in behind him with a blow to the back. Bullock attempted to run for the Atlanta bench as the teams headed for a timeout and when play resumed Randle gave Gallinari a forearm shiver.

“As the leader of my team, I can’t let this happen,” Randle said after the game. “I wasn’t trying to hurt her. You find yourself in a situation where no matter what, is doing a serious fault and just to let them know that we don’t accept this. [expletive] here.”

But Capela said the Hawks weren’t impressed.

“There are two ways to be physical,” Capela said. “There is when you keep playing the right way. There is physical when you try to play dirty. They are two different games. We play hard because we play the right way and win games that way. .

“[The Randle flagrant foul] says it all. You have no solution other than to play this way. You think you are playing hard by making mistakes like that. This is not the game. If you cannot play hard the right way, it is not play hard. Gross fouls aren’t fouls in the game. So you’re just trying to look physical but it doesn’t work. It’s kind of the last solution. “

Thibodeau, raised on a coaching staff where Jeff Van Gundy would relish such motivating fodder, would not play the game for the media part at least. But he had little doubt that his team would come to play on Wednesday.

“I think it’s all about perseverance, determination, fighting,” said Thibodeau. “This is playoff basketball. There are ups, there are downs. You have to go through it all. And whatever your circumstances, you have to have the ability to rise above those circumstances. . So this team has been doing it all year round. Lock in, focus on what needs to be done. “

“I just think that’s who we are as a team,” Randle added. “We’ve been counted all year. The odds have been against us, according to the pundits or whoever you want to call it all year. And that’s where we are at. Obviously we don’t come out without a fight and we don’t even care. We have the ultimate confidence and belief in who we are as a team, that we can do it. are at ease, in uncomfortable situations. “

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Reasons to plant an herb garden https://whimblegardens.co.uk/reasons-to-plant-an-herb-garden/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/reasons-to-plant-an-herb-garden/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 14:24:52 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/reasons-to-plant-an-herb-garden/

Every year, I plant a potted herb garden on my patio for convenient access to fresh herbs like basil, oregano, parsley, cilantro, and rosemary.

Nothing says summer like homemade basil and it is heavenly in the caprese salad, which consists of layers of vine-ripened tomatoes, basil leaves and fresh mozzarella. This quintessential Italian salad is then garnished with a drizzle of good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Cooks also often plant basil to make fresh pesto. However, consider growing other herbs to treat. My favorite alternative pesto is lemon thyme. When you crush the lemon thyme leaves, they give off a wonderful lemon aroma.

An herb garden is more than just a kitchen convenience. It is a ready-to-use sensory garden for children.

When my daughter was a preschooler, we both planted an herb garden so that she could safely explore the world of plants. She smelled the delicate scent of the lavender plant and smelled the texture of sage leaves.

For fun I planted different mints such as spearmint, pineapple mint and even mint which tasted like chocolate. Every day after kindergarten, she would jump out of the car and try out the mints.

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$ 670,000 for 604 square feet and 2 bedrooms in South Riverdale, $ 598,800 for 660 square feet and 1 + 1 bedrooms in Don Mills: what these Toronto condos got https://whimblegardens.co.uk/670000-for-604-square-feet-and-2-bedrooms-in-south-riverdale-598800-for-660-square-feet-and-1-1-bedrooms-in-don-mills-what-these-toronto-condos-got/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/670000-for-604-square-feet-and-2-bedrooms-in-south-riverdale-598800-for-660-square-feet-and-1-1-bedrooms-in-don-mills-what-these-toronto-condos-got/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 11:00:05 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/670000-for-604-square-feet-and-2-bedrooms-in-south-riverdale-598800-for-660-square-feet-and-1-1-bedrooms-in-don-mills-what-these-toronto-condos-got/


Location: 630 Queen Street East, Unit 202,

Queen St. E. and Broadview Ave.

Asking price: $ 684,800

Sale price: $ 670,000

Previous sale price: $ 530,000 (2017)

Cut: approximately 604 square feet

Car park: an underground space owned, a locker owned

Maintenance fees: $ 571.77 per month

Taxes: $ 2,470 (2020)

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Sold: December 1/20. Closed: February 25/21.

This loft-style condo unit in a mid-rise building sold for 98 percent of the listing price in 19 days.

“This open concept suite features custom finishes, engineered light oak flooring, stainless steel appliances in the modern kitchen, built-in wireless speakers, and exit from the living room to a private balcony,” says Listing Agent Jill Fewster-Yan.

The building is close to shops, restaurants, schools, places of worship, Joel Weeks Park, Jimmie Simpson Recreation Center, Don River, public transportation and access to Don Valley Pkwy . and the Gardiner Highway.

Building facilities include an exercise room, bicycle storage, roof terrace / garden, and parking for visitors.

Living room at 630, rue Queen E., # 202.

The unit has: hardwood floors; fireplace with cupboard; living room with walkout to the balcony; dining room; kitchen with stainless steel appliances; master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling window and closet organizers; second bedroom with wardrobe with organizers; four-piece bathroom.

Listing Agent: Jill Fewster-Yan, Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage, 416-443-0300; www.jillsteam.ca


Location: 99 The Donway, unit 107,



Don Mills Rd. And Lawrence Ave. E.

Exterior of 99 The Donway, # 107.

Request a price: $ 598,800

Sale price: $ 598,800

Previous sale price: $ 380,627 (2017)

Cut: approximately 660 square feet

Car park: an underground space owned, no locker

Maintenance fees: $ 509.03 per month

Taxes: $ 2,158 (2020)

Bedrooms: 1 plus 1

Bathrooms: 2

Sold: April 1/21. Closed: May 31/21.

Room in 99 The Donway, # 107.

Selling for the full listing price in two days, this condo unit is close to shopping in Don Mills.

“This ground floor condo suite is perfect for pet owners as it has access to its own patio from the living room. Other highlights include stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, 10 foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a living room with direct access to a bathroom, easily used as an office or guest bedroom. Explains listing agent Sue Mills.

The building is within walking distance of shops, restaurants, places of worship, schools, parks and public transportation.

Building amenities include a concierge, exercise room, media room, party / meeting room, roof terrace / garden, and parking for visitors.

Dining room at 99 The Donway, # 107.

The unit has: laminate floors; living room with walkout to patio; kitchen with stainless steel appliances; lair; two-piece bathroom; master bedroom with double wardrobe and four-piece bathroom.

Registration agent: Sue Mills, The Mills team, Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage, 416-443-0300; www.TheMillsTeam.ca

What They Got: Condos is compiled by freelance contributor Allison Harness, a Toronto-based real estate writer, from publicly available information. Send recent home sales to soldhome@rogers.com. Not all submissions can be used.

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Areen Design Services, HBA, NBBJ, Nelson – The current of Manomet https://whimblegardens.co.uk/areen-design-services-hba-nbbj-nelson-the-current-of-manomet/ https://whimblegardens.co.uk/areen-design-services-hba-nbbj-nelson-the-current-of-manomet/#respond Tue, 01 Jun 2021 06:00:33 +0000 https://whimblegardens.co.uk/areen-design-services-hba-nbbj-nelson-the-current-of-manomet/

The report entitled “Global Architecture and Interior Design Market: Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2021-2027”Using various methodologies aims to examine and bring forward in-depth and accurate data regarding the global architecture and interior design market. The report is divided into different well-defined sections to provide the reader with a simple and understandable information document. In addition, each section is elaborated with all the data necessary to acquire knowledge on the market before entering it or strengthening their current implantation. The report is split into: titled “Architecture and Interior Design Market” is an outstanding market study that provides the hottest detail information and in-depth analysis of this market. It offers a comprehensive summary of the market with in-depth information on essential aspects such as current market situation, possible dimensions, quantity and dynamics of this market. This study report produces a comprehensive assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the current market and assesses the potential market outcomes throughout the forecast period, 2021-2028.

The main major competitive players are:

Areen Design Services, HBA, NBBJ, Nelson, Cannon Design, Gensler, CCD, Perkins + Will, SOM, Perkins Eastman, HKS, Callison, DB & B, Wilson Associates, Jacobs, SmithGroupJJR, M Moser Associates, AECOM Technology, Gold Mantis , HOK, Leo A Daly, Stantec, IA Interior Architects.

The latest research report titled “Architecture and Interior Design Market” added by MR Accuracy Reports provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the architecture and interior design industry and familiarizes them with the latest market trends, challenges, opportunities, industry information and market share. The content of the report includes technology, industry drivers, geographic trends, market statistics, market forecast, raw material / equipment producers and suppliers. The global architecture and interior design market size was US $ xx million and is expected to reach US $ xx million by the end of 2026, with a CAGR of XX between 2021 and 2026.

FREE: sample request is available @https://www.mraccuracyreports.com/report-sample/205865

In addition to bringing significant value to users, the report by MR Accuracy Reports focused on the analysis of Porter’s five forces to highlight the broad spectrum of the market in terms of opportunities, threats and challenges. . The information extracted through different business models like SWOT and PESTEL is represented in the form of pie charts, diagrams and other pictorial representations for a better and faster understanding of the facts. The report can be divided into the following main parts.

Growth drivers:

The report provides an accurate and professional study of the business scenarios of the global market. The complex analysis of opportunities, growth drivers and future forecasts are presented in simple and easily understandable formats. The report understands the architecture and interior design market by elaborating the technological dynamics, financial position, growth strategy and product portfolio during the forecast period.


The report is organized on the basis of segmentation and sub-segmentation which is aggregated from primary and secondary research. Segmentation and sub-segmentation is a consolidation of industry segment, segment type, channel segment and many others. Further, the report is developed to provide in-depth information on each segment.

Download the Free PDF Report Brochure @https://www.mraccuracyreports.com/reportdetails/reportview/205865

Promising Regions & Countries Mentioned In The Architecture And Interior Design Market Report:

  • North America (United States)
  • Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India)
  • Latin America (Brazil)
  • The Middle East and Africa

Regional analysis:

The report covers all regions of the world showing regional development status, market volume, size and value. It facilitates valuable regional knowledge from users which will provide a comprehensive competitive landscape of the regional market. Further, the various regional markets along with their size and value are illustrated in detail in the report for accurate information.

Competitive analysis:

The report is organized after a SWOT analysis of the main market leaders. It contains detailed and strategic contributions from global leaders to help users understand the strengths and weaknesses of key leaders. Expert analysts in the field follow players who are presented as leading leaders in the architecture and interior design market. The report also contains the competitive strategy adopted by these market leaders at market value. Their research and development process has been explained well enough by experts in the global architecture and interior design market to help users understand their working process.

Key details and USP of the existing report study:

  • Global market size of architecture and interior design market in terms of volume (K units) and value (USD Million) for the historical period (2016-2020) and projected years (2021-2027)
  • Regionally (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America & Middle East & Africa) market size of Architecture and Interior Design market in terms of volume (K units) and value ( in millions of USD) for the historical period (2016-2020)) and projected years (2021 – 2027)
  • Market size at country level (US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Mexico, GCC, Africa South, RoW) of the architecture and interior design market in terms of volume (K units) and value (USD Million) for the historical period (2016-2020) and projected years (2021-2027 )
  • Market size of the type divided into its individual product type (concentration, temperature, combustion, conductivity and others) in terms of volume (K units) and value (USD Million) for the historical period (2016-2020) and projected years (2021-2027))
  • Demand side and supply side perspective and analysis
  • Market share of the company / players / manufacturers / suppliers / service providers
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape, the competition matrix and player positioning
  • Market dynamics, trends, factors affecting the growth of the market in the coming year
  • Top Buyers and End User Analysis
  • Value chain and supply chain analysis, including distribution and sales channels, as well as upstream and downstream integration scenarios
  • Analysis of the manufacturing cost structure
  • Analysis of key raw materials
  • Key pricing strategies adopted in the market
  • Key marketing strategies adopted in the market
  • Analysis of the five forces of carriers
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTLE analysis

Request an impact analysis of coronaviruses on sectors and the market

To purchase the full report: https://www.mraccuracyreports.com/checkout/205865

What the reports provide

  • Complete and in-depth analysis of the parent market
  • Significant changes in market dynamics
  • Market segmentation details
  • Previous, ongoing and projected market analysis in terms of volume and value
  • Assessment of niche industry developments
  • Market share analysis
  • Key strategies of the main players
  • Emerging segments and regional markets
  • Testimonials to companies in order to strengthen their presence in the market.

In addition, the research report examines:

  • Competitive businesses and manufacturers in the world market
  • By product type, applications & Growth factors
  • Industry status and outlook for Main applications / end users / area of ​​use

Thank you for reading this article; also get a report version by chapter or region, such as North America, Europe or Asia.

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RM Precision Reports

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RH10 7EG, United Kingdom

United Kingdom +44 7418413666

Tel – USA +1 8045001224,

APAC- +91 7350728100.

E-mail : sales@mraccuracyreports.com

Website :www.mraccuracyreports.com

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