Growing gardening business during pandemic

Content of the article With little to do during the pandemic, the demand for gardening increased last spring – and it looks like things are going well again this year. The good weather allowed the planting season to start early in many parts of southern Ontario, although it is safer …

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EFBL Garden brings justice-focused gardening to Evanston

As community gardens and urban agriculture projects take hold in the Chicago area, the organizers of Evanston Fight for Black Lives are launching the West End Garden, a community garden at Adam Perry Park in Evanston’s 5th Ward. Organizers said they wanted the garden to be both a cheerful community …

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How Home Grow Kits Provide Sustainable Gardening Experiences

During the pandemic, many people turned to home gardening to grow their own food. One company said sales of mushroom-growing introductory products increased 400% in the past year. Grow kits make the home farming experience more accessible while promoting sustainability. Subscribe to Insider Sustainability. During the pandemic, interest in home …

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