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BTSis the new recreation, BTS Island: In the SEOM, is synonymous with relaxation and rest. What is there to do about it “peaceful island co-created by BTS for ARMY?

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In a collection of enhancement notes for the game’s “Dev Log”, BTS was asked, “What would you like to do in an open and free space? The register of proposed actions included campinggardening, sports activities, etc.

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RM, the resident plant lover of BTS, gave a detailed list of gardening tasks he would enjoy. It contains: the rise of a miniature tree, a moon jar with a plum blossom, and looking up to the sky while lying on the grass. Her garden is said to have baby’s breath (baby’s breath), azalea, maple, bamboo and a pond.

RM and her plum blossom | HYBE

Jin want to plant wood, farm, raise livestock, and build an in-game swimming pool. He would also prefer to create in-game spots that could be nice for photography operations.

Jin | Run BTS!/Weverse

They say good minds assume the same thing, and it’s true for SOPE! Suga and J Hope each left their own gardening questions. It looks like they would do relatively different funny actions on BTS’s island.

JiminThe record of contains every work and rest. He wants to plant peonies and rubberwood, and take a nap in the grass. He would also prefer to take a walk and enjoy his time, or relax on a ray of trees.


Gardening? No thanks! V just want to take a nap!


Jungkook’s gardening route is just as good as he is. Watering and “say nice things” are at the top of his list. “I like plants related to fruits” he wrote. Parenthetically, he added, “The state of the fruit [in the game] varies depending on how it is grown.

Jungkook | BTS/Facebook

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BTS Picks Their Favorite Camping Activities For “BTS Island: In The SEOM” Game


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