Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield partners with Seaside Gardeners

The central island and community garden of the Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield took root and began to develop through the efforts of the Seaside Gardeners of Marshfield and the Keystone Club.

In 2020, the Boys and Girls Club at the Keystone Club of Marshfield helped the Seaside Gardeners transfer plants from an island they were converting to mostly native plants and beautify the club’s central island. Seaside Gardeners shared their expertise, teaching plants to Boys and Girls Club members and providing advice for the Club’s community garden.

The Seaside Gardeners returned to the Boys and Girls Club in April to begin planting and returned in May to work on the community garden with the children. The club’s gardening program involves kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12. This summer, the community garden will be part of the club’s summer camp program and the kids will help maintain it. Along with this, a specialized cooking camp will be offered, which will use food grown in the garden.

“The kids were very excited to plant the seeds, water them and watch them grow,” said Linda Hughes of Seaside Gardeners of Marshfield. “Many children express how much fun they are and can’t wait to harvest their crops.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with the Seaside Gardeners and the expansion of enrichment and STEM activities through our outdoor classroom gardens,” said Jim Bunnell, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield.

The club has applied for grants to expand the educational program and is currently seeking other funding opportunities.

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