Company presentation

SARL CIE GENERALE DE NETTOYAGE (COGEN) with capital of € 76,316 was created in 1987.
In 2019 it achieved a turnover of 8,107 K € and a net profit of 331 K €.

Based in La Farlède near Toulon, COGEN is a cleaning company with a portfolio of more than 1,700 contracts with a clientele mainly made up of condominium trustees and property managers.

The company employs 275 people.

The company was acquired by Mr. Thiounn and his associates in August 2019.
The banking partners supported the buyers in the buyout up to € 3,300,000. The partners contributed € 2,000,000.

Since August 2019, the company has been one of the partners of the RCT (Rugby Club Toulonnais).

Note that the COGEN company has already financed itself from lenders in October 2019 and that it is part of the same group as the PSR company, which after being financed from lenders in January 2019 is also refinanced on

Project display

The COGEN company is asking lenders for 700 K € in order to support its WCR following the increase in activity planned for 2021. The need is global and immediate. review

This project was the subject of a specific study linked to the current health situation, in particular on the government measures from which the company was able to benefit, and on the evolution of its activity during confinement.

The company's 2019 sales amounted to € 8,107,000, stable at -0.3% compared to that for fiscal year 2018, which was € 8,130,000.
Profitability is improving, however, following the savings made at the end of the buyout, to stand at € 582.3K in 2019, i.e. 7.2% of turnover against € 380.5K in 2018 (4 , 7% of turnover).

The capitalization of the company is 29.3% at the closing of the 2019 balance sheet. We can note a dividend payment in 2019 but this being prior to the buyout of the company by the new one, it remains exceptional and is not is not intended to be repeated in future exercises. The company's bank indebtedness at 09/30/2020 amounts to € 1,000,000.

The company's working capital of € 820.2K covers the operating cycle for 2019.
The company's WCR at the balance sheet date amounted to € 186,000.
The company's cash position at the end of November 2020 was € 1,500,000.

Update: 16/12/2020

Financial Summary

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