Company presentation

SAS S2IA, with a capital of 15.7 K € and created at the end of 2010, is located in Montreuil (93).
It is specialized in optical fiber. These 3 main services are fiber transport, installation and connection. It operates throughout France and works mainly for large accounts (Free, Huawei, etc.).
To date, the company employs 90 people.

Project display

S2IA is asking lenders for € 773,000 in order to strengthen its cash flow and prepare for future growth.
The need is global and immediate. review

This project was the subject of a specific study linked to the current health situation, in particular on the government measures from which the company was able to benefit, and on the evolution of its activity during confinement.

The company is experiencing a very significant level of growth, driven by the deployment of optical fiber. Turnover rose from 5,527.1 K € in 2018 to 11,378.8 K € in 2019 (+ 105.8%).
EBITDA increased in volume to € 551.6K against € 305.8K, but fell (relative) to 4.8% of turnover (- 0.7 point) following a growth in payroll .
The net result comes out at 450 K € and 3.9% of the turnover (- 0.8 point).

After an increase in dividends of € 259.6K, shareholders' equity improved to € 467.3K. The increase in debts (in particular social debts, and with the establishment of the factor) leads to a fall in the ratio of equity to total balance sheet to 9.1% (- 6.5 points).
However, the structure does not support any medium-long-term debt.

Note: asset in progress for 609.3 K €, corresponding to machines in the course of manufacture. These will make it possible to manufacture cable and thus be less dependent on suppliers for connections.

With the growth of fixed assets, the FDR becomes negative at - € 645.7 thousand. The WCR, for its part, went from - € 947K to - € 846.4K.
Net cash amounted to € 200.6K.

The manager provided us with an accounting certificate. The latter indicates that the turnover achieved on November 18, 2020 amounted to € 9,490.3K. At the end of the year, the turnover and profitability should be stable compared to 2019.

As for the 2021 forecast, it indicates a turnover of around 17,500 K €. Thanks to good control of external costs and salaries, EBITDA would be 5.9% of turnover, or € 1,032.5K.

Update: 21/12/2020

Financial Summary

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