Company presentation

SAS LES CHENEAUX ENERGIE with a capital of 5 K € was created in 2009 and is located in Neussargues en Pinatelle (15).
In 2019, the structure achieved a turnover of 187.6 K €.

The company operates several photovoltaic power plants , allowing the production of electricity.
All production is sold to EDF.

It owns the walls of the power plants.

Note that LES CHENEAUX ENERGIE has already financed itself from lenders in July 2018 as well as in June 2019

Project display

PGEs benefit from a state guarantee of 90% of the outstanding capital. They consist of 2 phases. The first of 12 months with a rate of 2% and a reimbursement in fine (end of period). The second, optional, for a period of between 12 and 60 months depreciable at a rate ranging from 3.95% to 5.65%.

LES CHENEAUX ENERGIE is requesting lenders for up to € 30,000 in the form of an EMP in order to consolidate its cash flow following the confinement. The need is global and immediate. review

This project was the subject of a specific study linked to the current health situation, in particular on the government measures from which the company was able to benefit, and on the evolution of its activity during confinement.

The turnover for the 2019 financial year was up 10.1% to € 187.6K compared to that achieved in 2018, which was € 170.3K.
Profitability remains stable at 135.6 K €, or 72.3% of turnover.

The capitalization of the company is 31.7%.
Bank indebtedness is being amortized: at the balance sheet closing on 12/31/2019, it stood at € 557.1K compared to € 627.9K in 2018. Partners' current accounts have been fully reimbursed.

The working capital of 149.8 K € covers the operating cycle.
The WCR reached 149.1 K €.
The company's cash position at 12/31/2019 amounted to € 0.7K.

Update: 29/12/2020

Financial Summary

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