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Finance your professional work via the crowdlending solution

Do you want to renovate, embellish, bring up to standard or expand your business premises ? Find the funds you need thanks to the crowdlending formula (participatory loan)! A solution which has been developing significantly over the past few years and which is particularly popular with its simplicity and speed.

Work to improve the competitiveness of the company

Every year, a large number of professionals undertake work in their SME, shop, restaurant or even bakery. It may indeed be necessary to renovate its premises to guarantee a safe or more pleasant working environment for its employees. The renovation can also be done for the purpose of energy improvement . Better insulate your room, change your windows or joinery avoids heat loss and leads to significant savings.

In the retail sector, renovations are, quite simply, essential. To attract customers, traders must create a beautiful space, warm, original, fashionable and perfectly suited to current consumption patterns. What to give a facelift to his shop and a whole new attractiveness.

Most traders see an increase in their turnover following a renovation.

Company: finance its work through banks

While certain renovations (particularly energy renovations) are facilitated by the granting of bonuses, they are not all eligible for this type of device. Far from there !

If they want to redevelop the interior of their premises or re-decorate it, for example, most entrepreneurs will turn to banking establishments and negotiate a loan.

This solution is indeed suitable for most development projects. But currently, in a context of crisis, the banks remain cautious. Today, most files require the approval of a credit committee. And the deadlines are very long, even for small sums ... the constant change of advisers can also slow down your procedures.

According to a barometer from the ARC firm, 67% of French companies have noted a withdrawal of banks from SMEs since 2008. A blocking point for many entrepreneurs, and by extension, for the entire economy ...

What other solutions to finance its work?

Different alternative formulas also allow you to finance your work without the intermediary of a bank. Among them :

  • Using available cash , a choice that guarantees you great freedom of action… but which assumes that the company has sufficient cash.

  • Capital increase , an option which allows to benefit from funds for works but which is heavy for the borrower, who must again make a personal commitment to the capital of the company.

  • call on the Bpi (Public Investment Bank). Since 2012, the Bpi, resulting from the merger between Oséo, CDC entreprises and the FSI, can intervene both for the financing of intangible assets, the treasury, or even the capital increase. However, the Bpi rather concentrates its action on certain sectors such as, for example, innovative companies. Therefore, not all companies can benefit from it.

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The financing stages on

  • 1. Test your eligibility (60 seconds) Fill in your information and accompany your request with your latest assessments.
  • 2. Analysis of your loan request (48 hours) Our analysts will contact you to further develop the development project.
  • 3. Online collection (7 days) Gain visibility with our large community of lenders.
  • 4. Release of funds (24 hours) The collection is complete, we release the funds to your bank account.
  • 5. Repayment of lenders (Duration of the loan) takes a monthly installment from you to redistribute it directly to your lenders.

Crowdlending, a solution to discover

A new alternative to bank loans , crowdlending is a new financing solution, interesting for entrepreneurs, whatever their sector of activity. The principle is simple, it is individuals or companies who lend a sum of money to finance a business development project. The loaned amount is repaid to the lenders each month with interest.

Crowdlending is adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs wishing to carry out work . Via crowdlending (participatory loan), they can, for example, raise funds to give their restaurant a facelift or bring their bakery they have just bought up to standard.

Crowdlending: advantages for the company

The equity loan is a formula that appeals to entrepreneurs who need a quick, simple and unsecured loan . Among its advantages: a particularly fast response time and delivery time, equivalent to just a few days. For comparison, it takes on average a quarter to get a bank loan. Significant time and energy savings are the key, also with less administrative formalities, less travel and in short, less hassle. Clearly, crowdlending is now emerging as a real business accelerator. finances your work

Are you interested in the crowdlending formula? Discover , the French number 1 in crowdlending. Borrow from a community, without going through the banks. An ideal formula for your work, such as your tangible or intangible projects. offers you quick and easy financing solutions. A participatory loan is indeed obtained within 7 days on average on the platform! Benefit from loans between $ 20,000 and € 2.5 million, with terms of 12 to 60 months, without personal surety or guarantee .

Death and disability insurance is available to all borrowers.

Crowdlending is a new financing solution for companies wishing to carry out work.

Questions answers

With, the acceptance process is simplified as much as possible: online loan request and final response in less than 48 hours. No personal deposit or guarantees required. At, we eliminate excessive bureaucracy, and we trust you!
Your company must have more than 3 years of seniority, achieve more than $ 150K in turnover and have positive equity.
You can borrow from $ 20,000 to $ 2,500,000.
The terms offered by range from 12 months to 60 months.
Our credit analysts calculate this rate by taking into account the duration of the loan and the risk of the project to make several proposals for durations.
After uploading your project to our website, allow around 7 to 10 days to receive the funds in your bank account.
Like a bank loan, each month you will repay the lenders (principal + interest) for the duration of the loan. Our partner S-Money takes care of everything. Make sure your bank account is fully funded before each monthly withdrawal.