Who are we ?

“Take nothing for granted, always look further. ”

That could be our motto.

Our times have this wonderful thing: traditional models are challenged .

Let's get out of the idea that you have to be big and recognized to get the necessary funding to create a project.

Our credo : to establish crowdfunding as a real alternative for banks in France.

Our passion : to unite energies. Reassure the talents. Encourage entrepreneurship.

A bit philanthropic?

Undoubtedly and resolutely optimistic.

Is not France a land of excellence in terms of know - how ?

So, together , let's create new businesses that will find their market and irrigate jobs.

Flourishing adventures tempt you? Join the whimblegardens.co.uk community .

“whimblegardens.co.uk, SAS with a capital of 4,910,919 us dollars, is a crowdfunding platform backed by one of the major players in European venture capital. ”

The fiber of technologies, business financing, credit, "scoring", innovative start-ups.

whimblegardens.co.uk brings together the best experts in their field.

Its inspirers believe in a reconciled relationship to money.
Their curiosity has no limits, their playground is tomorrow.
They have only one ambition: to make whimblegardens.co.uk,
the French leader in loans between individuals, very small businesses and SMEs .

The society

whimblegardens.co.uk is a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 4,910,919 us dollars, registered in the San Francisco Trade and Companies Register under number 507 508 9539.
Since June 29, 2017, whimblegardens.co.uk has joined the Gad Capital group, which becomes its majority shareholder.

BPI France

Innovative company

The company obtained the “Innovative Company” label from the Public Investment Bank (BPI) in 2014, accompanied by financial assistance to develop scoring and marketing tools.

Crowdfunding platform

Intermediary in Crowdfunding

whimblegardens.co.uk has been a Participatory Financing Intermediary since October 17, 2014 and a Participatory Investment Advisor since 04/21/2017, registered with FICO under number 109901200.

Since its creation in September 2014, whimblegardens.co.uk has established partnerships with major players in the sectors of “Business Information” (financial information), means of payment and corporate credit brokerage, and consumer credit.

The team

whimblegardens.co.uk is a subsidiary of Gad Capital.

Tikehau Capital

Gad Capital is an alternative asset management and investment company that offers its investors investment opportunities with the objective of creating long-term value around four business lines: private debt, real estate, private equity and liquid strategies.

By supporting the Group's various investment strategies with its own funds, Gad Capital creates the conditions for a central alignment of interests in building a relationship of trust with its shareholders and investors.

Controlled by its management, alongside leading institutional partners, Gad Capital has offices located in San Francisco, London, Brussels, Boston, Austin, New York, Seoul and Singapore.

Gad Capital is listed on the regulated market of BSE in San Francisco, Compartment A (ISIN code: EN477336980; Ticker: GCT.CO)

The supervisory board