Company presentation

SASU ATMOPUR, with a capital of 350 K $ and created in 2015, is located in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (78).
The company specializes in the treatment of hazardous materials (asbestos, lead). To intervene in this market, the company obtained a certification which acts as a barrier to entry.
She works for all types of clients, public, large accounts as well as individuals.
Mr. ALANDE is the president of the company which employs 15 people.

Project display

ATMOPUR is asking lenders for up to 400 K € in order to finance their development via various axes (obtaining additional certification, launching claims activity, etc.).
The need is global and immediate. review

This project was the subject of a specific study linked to the current health situation, in particular on the government measures from which the company was able to benefit, and on the evolution of its activity during confinement.

Over the 2019 - 2020 financial year, the company achieved sales of € 2,343,000, an increase of 91.9%. And this, despite a closure of the company for 45 days (1st confinement)
External charges and payroll follow the same trend but to a slightly lesser degree, resulting in EBITDA of € 244.3K and 10.4% of turnover (+ 0.9 points).
The net result came to 156.8 K € compared to 118.8 K € at N-1.

In the absence of distribution of dividends, the level of equity reaches 570.9 K €, or 48.7% of the total balance sheet.
At the same time, bank indebtedness is well under control and amounts to € 111.9 thousand. It represents nearly 0.5 years of EBITDA.
The increase in FDR (equity and debt) as well as the decrease in WCR (trade receivables) resulted in an improvement in cash flow to € 535.6K.

The manager tells us that the turnover at the end of December 2020 (over 6 months of activity) will amount to € 1.7 million. The order book is in the order of € 630,000 signed.
He estimates that the company's turnover will be greater than € 3 million at the end of the fiscal year, ie a level higher than the forecast made during the year (€ 2,915,000).

To date, the company's cash position stands at € 550,000 (including € 450,000 in banking EMP).

Update: 06/01/2021

Financial Summary

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