Company presentation

SARL LASERMEN, with a share capital of $ 7,650, was created in January 2005 in Franconville (department of Val-d'Oise). The structure achieved a turnover of 207.5 K € in the 2019 financial year.

The company and its manager are specialized in laser shows; the manager has several times been a finalist for various TV programs such as "La France a un Incredible Talent" or "The Best" .

With his company, he wants to develop the laser for applications other than entertainment alone. As such, its laser products will be able to be applied to the medical sector thanks to optogenics, by associating genetics with light via various processes.
Optogenesis stimulates a single targeted cell (most often a neuron) with pulses of light .

The company regularly employs intermittents, as well as subcontracted salespeople.

Project display

PGEs benefit from a state guarantee of 90% of the outstanding capital. They consist of 2 phases: the first of 12 months with a rate of 2% and a repayment in fine (= at the end of the period) / the second (optional) of a period between 12 and 60 months depreciable with a rate which varies from 4.2% to 6.25%.

The company is seeking lenders for up to € 20,000 in the form of a PGE in order to replenish its cash flow following the health situation review

This project was the subject of a specific study linked to the current health situation, in particular on the government measures from which the company was able to benefit, and on the evolution of its activity during confinement.

The structure's turnover came to 207.5 K € for the 2019 financial year, up 28.2% compared to the 2018 financial year.
As a result, profitability improves; going from an almost zero figure (-49 $) in 2018 to 24.6 K € in 2019. Details that this amounts to 11.2% of turnover.
In addition, new applications in the medical field of the company's laser know-how bring new business prospects.

There are no bank debts entered in the 2019 balance sheet, nor dividend payments over this same period. This has the effect of improving the equity to total balance sheet ratio, which amounts to 37.2%

The working capital of 67.5 K € covers the operating cycle of the company and is increased by the reintegration of the profits made during the year, namely 91.5 K €.
The WCR amounted to 49.6 K €.

Update: 22/08/2020

Financial Summary

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