Company presentation

SARL KEKO, with a capital of 100K $, was created in 2008. It is located in Aubervilliers (93).
It is a company specializing in the creation and development of Asian food products. Cooked in the laboratory, the products are then sold throughout France. The company sells to Rungis wholesalers as well as to its network of restaurateurs.
The company is managed by Mr. and Mrs. HUANG and employs 31 people. She owns two restaurants in her name.

The company has already borrowed from on two occasions (1st financing in November 2016 , 2nd financing inJanuary 2017 ). Refunds are finalized.

Project display

The company must carry out work in the manufacturing laboratory for its products.
KEKO is asking lenders for up to € 50,000 to finance this work. It should be noted that a second financing of 50 K € in the form of an EMP will also take place in the coming days.

The need is total and immediate. review

This project was the subject of a specific study linked to the current health situation, in particular on the government measures from which the company was able to benefit, and on the evolution of its activity during confinement.

Over the 2019 financial year, sales grew very strongly to € 4,262K (+ 41.4%). The good maintenance of charges allows EBITDA to rise to € 306.8K and represent 7.2% of turnover.
The net result is 256.6 K € and 6% of turnover. In 2018, profitability was 6.4%.

In the absence of distribution of dividends, shareholders' equity increased to € 1,232.7 thousand, ie 48.5% of the total balance sheet.
The level of indebtedness is well under control since it represents only 14% of equity, ie € 179,000.
The level of cash is recovering, year after year, to become positive again at the end of 2019 at € 36.4k.

Update: 25/08/2020

Financial Summary

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