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State guaranteed loan

Following the COVID-19 crisis,
do you need to support your cash flow?

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Do not borrow beyond your repayment capacity

  • Borrow up to 25% of your 2019 turnover
  • From $ 20,000
  • No reimbursement for the 1st year
  • 100% line, a response within 48 hours

Benefit from an EMP to support your cash flow!

To respond to the economic emergency linked to the health crisis, the State has set up a guaranteed loan (PGE) to support businesses and boost the economy.

Since May, crowdfunding platforms have been authorized to distribute this loan, 90% guaranteed by Bpifrance. Learn more

The EMP consists of two phases:

  1. An initial phase of 12 months at 2% with deferred amortization.
  2. At the end of the first 12 months, the borrower can opt for an optional second phase and spread the repayments over a period of 1 to 5 years with a rate which depends on the duration and the risk.

See the rate tables

More details on the EMP

Who can benefit from an EMP at

To be eligible, your company must have been registered in France for more than 3 years, it must be profitable with positive equity and achieve a turnover of more than 150 K €.

The EMP is open to existing customers of as well as to new borrowers on condition that they are eligible for the selection criteria of

What can you finance with an EMP?

The EMP makes it possible to finance the company's cash flow, support and relaunch its post-crisis activity. It can borrow up to 25% of its 2019 turnover.

The EMP will be funded by our community of over 26,000 individual lenders. The maximum unit amount of the EMP on is set at $ 100,000.

How to get your EMP on

The procedure for obtaining it is done on the site, by clicking on the button "Request a EMP", by selecting the loan guaranteed by the State. You will then be invited to download the documents required to analyze your request.

One of our sales representatives will contact you so that we can give you an answer very quickly (48 hours on average).

Once the pre-agreement has been obtained, log on to Bpifrance to obtain a PGE certificate to be provided to for the signing of the contract and the release of funds.

What are the applicable durations?

Initial stage Secondary phase
12 months 1st option 2nd option
2% with deferred amortization Total or partial repayment of the loan Amortization of the loan ranging from 1 to 5 years with a rate corresponding to the table

What are the costs for the borrower?

Application fees are capped at 1% excluding tax of the amount borrowed within the limit of € 1,000 excluding tax. No management fees are applicable to the EMP. As with all loans on, there is no deposit, nor penalties for early repayment.

This pricing does not cover the costs incurred by, which intermediates these loans to help revive the economy.

The cost of the guarantee is advanced by then invoiced at cost price to the borrower as follows:

1st year 2nd and 3rd year 4th to 6th year
Cost of warranty 0.25% of the amount borrowed 0.50% per year of the outstanding capital 1% per year of the outstanding capital

Can a borrower cumulate several EMPs?

Several PGEs can be cumulated within the limit of 25% of its turnover for the year 2019. All guarantee requests are centralized and controlled by Bpifrance.