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Financing your real estate programs: The Crowdlending solution

Promoters, we offer you to finance your real estate programs , your study and servicing costs thanks to crowdlending (participatory loan).

An alternative to the bank loan that allows you to develop, with complete peace of mind.

Real estate developers in France

After a decade of hesitation, 2017 is a year of renewed dynamism. Over the year, 987,000 sales were made and the market returned to its pre-crisis level (Source FNAIM).
The sector's dynamism should continue in 2018 thanks to favorable economic conditions. Let us quote the LGV line which boosts the real estate market of Bordeaux or the Greater San Francisco during the Olympic Games.
However, banks remain restrictive in granting loans to individuals, despite low loan rates.

The demands on promoters have also tightened with a higher capital requirement and lower amounts loaned.

Financing needs in real estate development.

The need for funds is therefore important when launching a property development operation. The promoters must in particular finance:

  • Costs relating to land : The costs of notaries, studies or even servicing are inherent in the acquisition of the land on which the promotion operation will be based.
    Given the difficulties in obtaining a building permit, this pre-stage is crucial for the promoter to ensure the viability of his project.

  • Marketing costs : Real estate developers must start marketing the lots for sale well in advance of construction. Indeed, banks require a pre-marketing rate of at least 50%.

  • Construction costs : The construction of housing, the cornerstone of the promoter's profession is the most important item of expenditure. It includes the purchase of raw materials but also the cost of labor.

Promocean borrowed $ 515,000 over 36 months
Funds were released within 42 hours

Financing of real estate professionals: What banking solutions?

The bank loan remains the preferred solution for the financing of real estate programs.

However, credits are only granted if the contribution is at least 15%, a pre-marketing rate of at least 50% and the funding granted generally covers only 35 to 40% of the overall project .

In addition, the banks will take guarantees on the financed goods and will also ask you to pledge your surety in a personal capacity.

Finance a real estate project in real estate development via the participatory loan

Do you want to find alternative financing for your real estate projects? Crowdlending allows real estate developers to borrow without going through banks and without having to provide collateral.

The sums are then reimbursed, with interest, to private lenders and / or companies according to the terms defined in the contract.

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The financing stages on

  • 1. Test your eligibility (60 seconds) Fill in your information and accompany your request with your latest assessments.
  • 2. Analysis of your loan request (48 hours) Our analysts will contact you to further develop the development project.
  • 3. Online collection (7 days) Gain visibility with our large community of lenders.
  • 4. Release of funds (24 hours) The collection is complete, we release the funds to your bank account.
  • 5. Repayment of lenders (Duration of the loan) takes a monthly installment from you to redistribute it directly to your lenders. Tailor-made financing solutions.

Access loans quickly and easily thanks to , the number 1 French crowdlending platform. offers professionals loans with a duration ranging from $ 20,000 to € 2.5 million over 12 to 60 months from 2.4%, in order to meet all needs.
With, it's a community that chooses to support you. Via the equity loan , finance your real estate project and gain visibility from a community of more than 18,000 lenders.

Promoters, do you want to respond to your opportunities quickly without having to mobilize all of your own funds? Invest in new programs or even develop your real estate group?

Questions answers

With, the acceptance process is simplified as much as possible: online loan request and final response in less than 48 hours. No personal deposit or guarantees required. At, we eliminate excessive bureaucracy, and we trust you!
Your company must have more than 3 years of seniority, achieve more than $ 150K in turnover and have positive equity.
You can borrow from $ 20,000 to $ 2,500,000.
The terms offered by range from 12 months to 60 months.
Our credit analysts calculate this rate by taking into account the duration of the loan and the risk of the project to make several proposals for durations.
After uploading your project to our website, allow around 7 to 10 days to receive the funds in your bank account.
Like a bank loan, each month you will repay the lenders (principal + interest) for the duration of the loan. Our partner S-Money takes care of everything. Make sure your bank account is fully funded before each monthly withdrawal.