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Diversifying your sources of funding can be the key to the success of your project. With this in mind, you can combine a bank loan with an equity loan. Some key elements to guide you in your steps.

Finding the right financing: the engine of your business

To ensure the development and sustainability of your business, establish a solid financing plan for your investments. Something to meet different needs, especially in terms of:

  • Purchase of material and equipment : the renewal of material is essential for the proper functioning of the company, it allows you to increase your performance.

  • Intangible investments : Offering your teams training or even redesigning your website are all investments allowing your company to improve its competitiveness.

  • Cash : Financing can help you offset a temporary decline in activity, late payments from your customers.

  • Innovation : your company will have all the cards in hand to optimize the launch of new products, meet new standards, gain a competitive advantage or meet the needs of your customers.

Financing: what solutions for my business?

In order to carry out your business project, various financing solutions are possible, among which:

  • Bank loan : banks generally do not finance all investments (especially intangible). The latter will require the involvement of the company which translates into a contribution to the project.

  • Leasing or leasing : A possible solution for computer hardware, machines, vehicles or other equipment. This rental solution is included in the operating costs of the structure and is tax deductible.

  • beer or brewery contracts : granted to CHR under conditions.

  • the solutions offered by Bpifrance (Public investment bank): The systems make it possible to support the growth of French companies with a wide range of solutions (innovation, short term, financing, bank guarantee, export, etc.).

  • Honor loans granted directly to the manager (personal loan) by organizations such as Initiative France and Réseau Entreprendre. These loans generally allow the manager of a company to make a contribution during bank financing.

LES EPICURIENS borrowed $ 100,000 over 36 months
Funds were paid in 3 hours

Getting a bank loan: a complex task

Many managers of SMEs, very small businesses or even self-employed people have noticed that in recent years, banking partners have been more difficult to convince. Crisis requires! Business leaders are more often refused or do not get the expected amount. According to the KPMG / CGPME barometer, 25% of companies have difficulty obtaining a bank loan.

The ARC barometer reveals that 67% of French companies have noted that banks have withdrawn from SMEs since 2008.

Business project: diversify its sources of funding

The reluctance of the banks and the gloomy economic climate are prompting many companies (in particular, the smaller ones) to restrict or postpone their investments.
It then becomes imperative for companies to diversify their financing solution.
By finding several sources of financing , business leaders give themselves all the means to increase the development of the business and to remain independent vis-à-vis banking partners.

A variety of financing methods allow you to preserve your capital and increase your financial flexibility.

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The financing stages on

  • 1. Test your eligibility (60 seconds) Fill in your information and accompany your request with your latest assessments.
  • 2. Analysis of your loan request (48 hours) Our analysts will contact you to further develop the development project.
  • 3. Online collection (7 days) Gain visibility with our large community of lenders.
  • 4. Release of funds (24 hours) The collection is complete, we release the funds to your bank account.
  • 5. Repayment of lenders (Duration of the loan) takes a monthly installment from you to redistribute it directly to your lenders.

Crowdlending: a new financing solution

Faced with the reluctance of banks, a new financing solution is gaining popularity: the equity loan .

This new form of loan open to professionals, in particular SMEs, VSEs and self-employed persons, has been available since 2014. The concept of crowdlending was born out of a desire to shake up the banking market. This financing solution makes it possible, for example, to finance intangible assets, recruitment, where banks do not want to intervene due to lack of collateral.

A real boost to the national economy , the participatory loan (crowdlending) has raised no less than 15 million us dollars in the month of May 2017 alone. A record figure! And between January and May 2017, no less than 300 business projects were made possible.

Crowdlending and bank loan: two solutions that complement each other

Did the bank give you a loan, but for less than you expected?
You can supplement this loan with a crowdlending loan. If your borrowing capacity allows it, it is possible to combine these two financing solutions. Enough to give wings to your project and have every chance of achieving your goals.

Crowdlending is a supervised and regulated practice. The selection of candidates is strict and on dedicated platforms, transaction security remains the priority.

Access a crowdlending loan with , the French leader in crowdlending, finances all of your company's projects or supplements your bank loan . With formulas totally adapted to each individual's needs, can grant companies between $ 20,000 and € 2.5 million, over periods of 12 to 84 months.
Simplicity of procedures, speed, responsiveness ... discover the advantages of this financing solution with! Solid support for your development and achieve your goals!

To find financing that complements your bank loan, go to .

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With, the acceptance process is simplified as much as possible: online loan request and final response in less than 48 hours. No personal deposit or guarantees required. At, we eliminate excessive bureaucracy, and we trust you!
Your company must have more than 3 years of seniority, achieve more than $ 150K in turnover and have positive equity.
You can borrow from $ 20,000 to $ 2,500,000.
The terms offered by range from 12 months to 60 months.
Our credit analysts calculate this rate by taking into account the duration of the loan and the risk of the project to make several proposals for durations.
After uploading your project to our website, allow around 7 to 10 days to receive the funds in your bank account.
Like a bank loan, each month you will repay the lenders (principal + interest) for the duration of the loan. Our partner S-Money takes care of everything. Make sure your bank account is fully funded before each monthly withdrawal.