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Are you a business owner looking for financing over 12 to 24 months, other than banking? Carry out your project thanks to crowdlending, a new online loan formula that is now attracting more and more entrepreneurs.

Loan: what duration of financing?

The duration of the financing must always adapt to the needs of the company. Thus, for example, for durable goods used over a long period such as a production line, or construction machinery, long-term financing is the most appropriate choice. On the other hand, cash flow requirements or the purchase of short-lived equipment will rather be financed by short-term loans. The importance of adapting the maturity of a financing to the type of asset is quite simply paramount. Because this is how you will be able to preserve the financial balance and equity of your business.

Choose short-term financing

On a daily basis, the company must buy supplies, goods or even raw materials. To do this, it needs cash. However, the sometimes significant gaps between disbursements and receipts can put the company in difficulty.
This is why putting in place short-term financing can be crucial. The latter make it possible to improve day-to-day commercial efficiency and avoid recourse to self-financing , which tends to weaken companies.

Negotiate a short-term loan with your bank

In certain specific situations, such as a significant delay due to a one-off increase in activity, short-term loans are the ideal solution for entrepreneurs. In particular, the latter can negotiate a campaign loan with their bank. They make it possible to cover the money needs necessary for the manufacture and storage of products, before their mass sale in a short period of time.
With this financing solution, the bank grants a line of credit, the use of which is generally made through the issuance and discount of financial notes, as needed.
Another possible option for entrepreneurs, negotiating with their banker an overdraft authorization, cash advances or overdraft facilities, which can be envisaged over a very short period.

Mobilization of trade receivables

Finding funds is also possible thanks to the mobilization of trade receivables. Enough to finance the needs of the business in the short term. To do this, you can go through:

  • Factoring : it is an operation by which a specialized establishment (the factor) takes charge of all or part of the recovery of the accounts receivable of a company, against remuneration. In practice, the factor grants a cash advance to the company and collects trade receivables. In return, the company pays commissions to the factor. Practical, this solution is however expensive because it takes care of the risk of non-payment.

  • Discount : Here, the company cedes negotiable instruments to the bank. Thus, it immediately obtains the relative cash, without waiting for the due dates. However, this solution is only conceivable if customers pay by commercial paper. In addition, the bank reserves the right to refuse the discount of certain customers considered too “at risk”.

  • Daily financing . This alternative, which is very similar to the commercial discount, allows all existing means of payment to be transferred to the bank, as soon as invoices are issued.

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The financing stages on

  • 1. Test your eligibility (60 seconds) Fill in your information and accompany your request with your latest assessments.
  • 2. Analysis of your loan request (48 hours) Our analysts will contact you to further develop the development project.
  • 3. Online collection (7 days) Gain visibility with our large community of lenders.
  • 4. Release of funds (24 hours) The collection is complete, we release the funds to your bank account.
  • 5. Repayment of lenders (Duration of the loan) takes a monthly installment from you to redistribute it directly to your lenders.

Short-term financing and crowdlending

Since the 2008 crisis, the conditions for granting bank loans have tightened significantly. In this context, companies applying for credit are more often refused, even for small amounts. This is even more true for SMEs and VSEs.
However, changes in the regulatory framework and advances in information technology allow new players to appear and offer credit solutions to get out of banking dependency .
The equity loan is one of these new solutions that help companies access short-term financing. In practice, through an online platform, individuals and businesses lend a sum of money to a defined project. Their participation is then rewarded with interest on the loan. Companies wishing to borrow, for their part, are selected strictly, after in-depth analysis of banking and accounting elements.
Then, once the project is validated, fundraising usually takes a few days, depending on the desired amount. The remuneration of lenders to the project begins the month following the payment of the borrowed capital.

Finance your professional project with is the number 1 French in crowdlending. The platform now offers you short-term loans, for a period of 12 to 24 months. What will help you cope with cash flow variations due to seasonality or even the purchase of computer equipment. allows you to borrow directly from a community of individuals and companies, which chooses to support you.
Disability death insurance is offered to you . So, if you have a problem, you no longer have to worry about repaying your loan, so that your business can continue. is a fullweb service , where formalities are simplified as much as possible. You apply for a loan online, without having to travel. Thus, you save precious time! Our teams guarantee you a definitive answer within 48 hours . So you are set and can move forward more calmly. offers fast and simple services tailored to all borrowers' needs, with loans ranging from 12 to 84 months. Find your short-term or long-term financing solution through crowdlending. Now, apply for a loan on

Questions answers

With, the acceptance process is simplified as much as possible: online loan request and final response in less than 48 hours. No personal deposit or guarantees required. At, we eliminate excessive bureaucracy, and we trust you!
Your company must have more than 3 years of seniority, achieve more than $ 150K in turnover and have positive equity.
You can borrow from $ 20,000 to $ 2,500,000.
The terms offered by range from 12 months to 60 months.
Our credit analysts calculate this rate by taking into account the duration of the loan and the risk of the project to make several proposals for durations.
After uploading your project to our website, allow around 7 to 10 days to receive the funds in your bank account.
Like a bank loan, each month you will repay the lenders (principal + interest) for the duration of the loan. Our partner S-Money takes care of everything. Make sure your bank account is fully funded before each monthly withdrawal.