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Commerce: realize your project thanks to crowdlending

Are you looking for suitable financing for the opening of a business, its renovation or even its expansion? Via crowdlending, give your project a boost !

Open or take over a business in France

In our country, each year, around 40,000 businesses change hands. In 2015, the average value of a business was almost $ 180,000. However, large variations are observed depending on the region and the nature of the trade. It takes around $ 56,000 on average for a hairdressing salon and over $ 500,000 for an optical store!

Trade: the procedure to follow to get started

To take over or start a business is a dream for many. An exciting mission, which is often synonymous with a change of life. But to give yourself every chance of succeeding in your project, it is essential to prepare it sufficiently in advance. First, by carrying out a market study , both in the chosen sector and in its geographical area. Study more specifically which direct competitors are established, the costs and of course, the financial package .

The choice of the trade name as well as the sign is also of great importance. Finally, find out about the taxation applicable to trade and the various formalities to be completed (choice of status, acquisition of a license, etc.).

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Tabac-presse Coduri borrowed $ 40,000 over 36 months
Funds were released within 26 hours

Finance the purchase of a business

Have you found the business that meets all your criteria, particularly in terms of location and budget? To acquire it, you must have a personal contribution . It can constitute both savings or even state aid of the ARCE type. This contribution, about 20% of the total cost of the project, will then be supplemented by a bank loan.

Another possible option, seller's credit, often offered when selling a business or in activities with non-perishable stock (garage, textiles, hardware, etc.). The seller's credit solution results from a negotiation with the assignor. The duration of this type of loan is generally 1 to 3 years and cannot exceed 50% of the sale price.

Trade: financing your need for growth

Like any business, a business also needs financing to support its growth . Its material and immaterial needs are important. Over the years, a business may in particular need renovation, aesthetics, energy or even upgrading. Financial support may also be necessary in the event of a problem with the payment of charges such as taxes or salaries, in particular in the event of a cash flow mismatch. At the same time, in order to develop, a business may also need to innovate by launching, for example, an e-commerce site, which complements its physical store.

Trade: bank loans are difficult to obtain

Managers of SMEs, very small businesses as well as traders have observed in recent years that their banking partners are more difficult to convince, due to the crisis! According to the KPMG / CGPME barometer, 25% of companies have difficulty obtaining a bank loan . Small and medium-sized enterprises are the most penalized here. In addition, many SMEs state that they are faced with the reduction of loans or cash flow facilities, but also with the lengthening of the deadlines for accepting applications.

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The financing stages on

  • 1. Test your eligibility (60 seconds) Fill in your information and accompany your request with your latest assessments.
  • 2. Analysis of your loan request (48 hours) Our analysts will contact you to further develop the development project.
  • 3. Online collection (7 days) Gain visibility with our large community of lenders.
  • 4. Release of funds (24 hours) The collection is complete, we release the funds to your bank account.
  • 5. Repayment of lenders (Duration of the loan) takes a monthly installment from you to redistribute it directly to your lenders.

Crowdlending: the new trade finance solution

Are you having difficulty finding bank financing for your business projects? Discover crowdlending! This new financing alternative, open to shops, has been available in France since 2014, and has grown considerably in recent years.

With crowdlending , individuals or companies lend a given sum, which must be returned according to the terms defined in the contract. Thus, traders can find financing for the purchase of business assets, the renovation of their store, its upgrading and more generally, for any material and immaterial need.

Crowdlending in France

According to the Business Barometer, nearly 300 business projects have been financed, for an amount raised in excess of € 100 million in 2017. Crowdlending is a new financing solution that gives a real boost to the national economy.

Crowdlending is a supervised and regulated practice. On dedicated platforms, transaction security is a priority., French leader in crowdlending

Do you want to finance a development project without going through banks or completing a bank loan? Borrow quickly and easily on .

The platform, number 1 in crowdlending in France, offers formulas adapted to your needs. Loans between $ 20,000 and € 2.5 million are spread over terms of 12 to 60 months. They are accessible if your company is located in mainland France and if you have at least 4 years of seniority. Simplicity of procedures, speed, responsiveness ... crowdlending funding is not lacking in advantages . It is solid support to boost your development and enable you to achieve your goals!

Discover crowdlending for your business! This new financing solution suits the needs of traders, but also SMEs, VSEs and craftsmen. To benefit from crowdlending financing now, contact our teams and request your loan online!

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With, the acceptance process is simplified as much as possible: online loan request and final response in less than 48 hours. No personal deposit or guarantees required. At, we eliminate excessive bureaucracy, and we trust you!
Your company must have more than 3 years of seniority, achieve more than $ 150K in turnover and have positive equity.
You can borrow from $ 20,000 to $ 2,500,000.
The terms offered by range from 12 months to 60 months.
Our credit analysts calculate this rate by taking into account the duration of the loan and the risk of the project to make several proposals for durations.
After uploading your project to our website, allow around 7 to 10 days to receive the funds in your bank account.
Like a bank loan, each month you will repay the lenders (principal + interest) for the duration of the loan. Our partner S-Money takes care of everything. Make sure your bank account is fully funded before each monthly withdrawal.